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Continuing to Use L2P

L2P is a fully-fledged tool that enables you to keep ALL of your regulatory documents up to date and to provide these electronically to your places of work, with automated reminders whenever you need to update your documents, and the option to conduct your appraisals online and collect 360 multi-source feedback.

We understand that you no longer work at the organisation which provided you with L2P to conduct your appraisals, collect 360 multi-source feedback and store your regulatory documents.

As you are no longer with this organisation, your access to L2P has expired.

If you wish to continue using L2P, we offer a number of packages you can choose for an annual subscription:

  • Package 1: Full practising privileges storage and sharing facilities (no completion of appraisals using the L2P software, just storage of existing appraisals): £30
  • Package 2: Full practising privileges storage PLUS access to the appraisal software (including a free link for your appraiser): £79.50
  • MSF add-on: Colleague and patient 360 multi-source feedback - please ask for this when you need it, typically once every 5 years: £79.50

All prices are per annum and exclusive of VAT.

To continue using L2P, please provide the following information and we'll send you an invoice and further instructions:

Is there anything else you need to let us know?
Please choose a package
Once we receive your information, we'll send you an invoice for your chosen package.
When you've paid your invoice, we'll reactivate your account with all the features for your package.

If you have any questions about the packages or about continued access to your account, please get in touch with us at support@L2P.co.uk and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Please include your GMC number and the email you used to log in to L2P (if you remember it) to help us locate your account.